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Amphora Water’s Founder Spills.

Amphora Water’s Founder Spills.

My name is Codi Betts, I am the one behind Amphora Water and its technology. Our technology is what drives the company and it’s all rooted in replicating nature.
Years and years of my life have been about optimizing my energy, health, happiness, environment and a ton more. I am very grateful for my dad being a health nut since I was young, so it planted a seed that has been giving continuously. I began like many of you diving into health and researching a ton, trying this supplement, that diet, this sleep schedule, that nootropic, and so much more I could write books on it(maybe I will!). What i figured out was all of those were temporary “highs” with “effects” (cough:bullet proof) that are not healthy in the first place for longevity. I cannot stand companies that are growing larger based on lies they now believe themselves and have convinced their customers of as well. Everyone is trying to make a quick buck of the latest trends and I think that is ridiculously inauthentic, but also damaging to all involved. Amphora Water is the anti-b.s. type of company, we’re not going to dupe you over via dishonest marketing, blow smoke up your ass, try to pressure you, or anything we wouldn’t want in our experience ourselves. We want to rock your body, your energy, your mind and your experience in life so you can do everything you want and have no snags.
Nature is the O.G. , not this trend or that scientists theory, or that white paper funded by the company producing a product that is garbage where a scientist sold out in the false name of “science”. Nature is how it all comes together. We’ve been led astray into pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms, not root causes… Diets because of marketing power… It’s quite ridiculous to me people have strayed from nature, it worries me. Listen to nature for an extended period of time and you’ll realize almost 75% of products out are B.S. and nature already has the solution waiting or hidden away because it’s free and doesn’t help company X turn a profit. Nature is my teacher, mentor, and knowledge giver that has so many secrets it blows my mind. What I began to figure out was that water seemed to be the REAL key. I began 10 years ago tinkering with drinking distilled, kangen (kangen is like a gross microwave to a chef… better than tap but gross with no life), sparkling, spring, alkaline, and even crazy new types from Japan. What I found out… water is still a mystery to even science. Everyone thinks they know it all from taking chemistry class in high school or even college… I challenge you to research the anomalies of water and actually test any and all of my words on water. I speak only of experience, not theory… Being an ex-mechanical engineer (I was an experimental test engineer developing engines you may be driving and also see daily on the road, so I do know how to develop, test and whoop ass in that regard as I am a hardcore scientist) I began to use my body as a test subject. I drank distilled water only for 2 years. I did a full blood work up via WellnessFX before and after. After drinking distilled… MY BODY WAS ZAPPED, I could barely think correctly, let alone stay on task. I went back to the drawing board and meditated on it… a few weeks later a flash came (sometimes we have those dumb moments) Water needs minerals just like our body as it’s also alive! This last sentence may alarm you… but give me a sec. You happen to live in a water suit, that if popped and you leak your water… you die. So what is your water suit break down as? Blood: 92% water. Wait, what? Brain: 75% water. Skin: 64%. Heart: 73%. Lungs: 83% BONES:31%.
WAIT A SECOND. HOLD THE PHONE. Did you just blow my mind? I hope.
Water is the single most important thing for your health. You’re a being of water, in water, living in water and the kicker… that water is alive, just like yourself. Do you think the 8% of your blood is the life? or any of the other halves of the percentages above? NO. You can clearly see water is the name of the game. And how we treat water is sad… Add a neuro-toxin sodium fluoride? Chlorine? WTF! Let me break down fluoride first before i continue as everyone is all NO FLUORIDE which I am a 100% proponent for and want removed from our water. Sodium Fluoride vs. Calcium Fluoride. Our drops have calcium fluoride in them (NATURE! she’s our supplier, not a chemical warehouse), not the added toxin Sodium Fluoride that’s added to most cities water supply which has devastating effects on the body. There’s a reason it was used in war… Research it! hint: GROSS.
Back to it! I have an immense passion for this water stuff, so I will keep my rambling a going…
What I came to the conclusion of was we need to change it up, we need people on better water. We need alive water that has the perfect balance of minerals in it, not chemically processed water from a plant down the road run with the knowledge of a theory text book rather than natures playbook. Man has yet to outsmart nature… let that sink in for a bit. Nature’s cycles produce pure water with a parts per billion mineral content to keep it alive and well. This is exactly what Amphora Water is to the core… nature in a bottle, nature replicated, and nature that can help your body like no other product I know of or have tried. They say the mother of invention/innovation is born from necessity… I am unwavering that I NEED to feel awesome all the time with tons of energy. Where did I put my time when everyone was out partying, vacationing, jobs they don’t like, etc…? WATER! After years of my friends on my water with the trace minerals, I had everyone basically yelling at me to sell it as the testimonials I had from them, and even the dramatic effects on their lives were beyond exciting.
So as my first blog post, the rough edges, the blatant honesty, I hope you can realize the immense passion I have behind my brand, it’s my life’s work that will continue after I am gone I hope. I will write more and explain my water technology employed cleaning up environments without ANY chemicals, a filter-less water filter I will have available next year, and why I make these drops that can change your beverage to be the best it can, with working with what you have.
Thank you for reading this long piece/rant, it is the start of a longer story I will be continually writing.
Please check out: We just re-launched and are continually adding to the site. I built everything you see from the product to the logo… even those line art drawings! minus Reptar… my homie Tara did that as she’s a master graphic designer.


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